The factory is located at the slopes of Maljen mountain, at the triangle of Kolubara, Morava and Zlatibor counties, the triangle of Pozega, Gornji Milanovac and Valjevo Municipalities.

The factory sands out for its modern design and technology, built according to all requirements of HACCP standard, in an isolated area, away from roads and other polluters, in an ecologically uncontaminated environment.

During the design and construction care was taken to protect the ecologically preserved environment.

Apart from the system for active use of solar energy by means of solar collators for water heating, the first phase is completed for the use of renewable energy source from the earth, by means of heat pumps. In the second phase, the object will be entirely heated by renewable energy source.

This modern building was designed and constructed in a manner to satisfy all requirements of energetic efficiency and is one of few of that purpose that was issued the energetic passport.

The construction of factory was preceded by detail hydro-geological research of terrain composition and underground waters. Those researched established, and the Ministry in charge confirmed that these waters are natural mineral, of hydro-carbonate–magnesium type, with temperature of 11.5-14.8 ˚C.

Within the factory there are auxiliary facilities for raw materials, independent substation of 400 kW, and a system for active use of solar energy. Production hall has the latest equipment for the production of water with a capacity of 46,000 liters per day. All employees are trained for safety and health at work, fire prevention, HACCP training, training for managing forklift and all of them own medical certificates for jobs with increased risk.