Crystal Field ltd was founded in 2013. with headquarters in Gornji Milanovac, Republic of Serbia. Our business is the production of high quality still natural mineral water.

The factory is located at the slopes of Maljen mountain, at the triangle of Kolubara, Morava and Zlatibor counties, and the triangle of Pozega, Gornji
Milanovac and Valjevo Municipalities.

The plant is located at the territory of Bogdanica village. About ten kilometers to the north-west is Divcibare. At approximately same distance to the east is a little town Pranjani.

This modern building was designed and constructed in a manner to satisfy all requirements of energetic efficiency and is one of few of that purpose that was issued the energetic passport.


The Factory was constructed according to all requirements of HACCP standard, in an isolated area, away from main roads and other pollutors, in an ecologically uncontaminated surroundings.

Design and construction was carried out in such manner to maintain the ecologically preserved surroundings.  

The construction of factory was preceded by detail hydro-geological research of terrain composition and underground waters.